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Shamanic Medicine

Every experience we have in life is recorded in the four aspects of our being:


Physical / Somatic


Mental / Emotional





Our bodies also hold record of our past lives and of our lineage. Trauma, fear, and intrusive energies create blockages and bindings which hold us back, keeping us from reaching our highest potential and our joy.

Shamanic work uses gentile, heartfelt techniques to shed old woundings, old bindings, and old fears and patterns.

It is possible to transform generational trauma, health issues, relationships, life purpose blocks….truly, just about anything when energy is cleared and integrated.


I assist my clients in finding the root cause of their issues, allowing them to open to how they hold the world, how they hold their lives, and to raise their frequency every time they do a piece of work.

Each time we upgrade our frequency and heal, life mirrors back to us that upgrade, and we find ourselves becoming magnificent creators and orchestrators of beauty rather than being jerked around by uncomfortable circumstances and emotions.